Delizioso!Always fresh, full of flavour and for all tastes – Please enjoy!

Café Balthazar is famous for its coffee, friendly smiling team and food all served with passion.  We are ready to provide you the finest of Italian cuisine in our modern Adelaide Italian Cafe. Welcome to Café Balthazar - mangiare bene.

The mouth watering risotto. The crispy hot pizzas. The succulent seafood and steaks. Desserts that won’t hurt your waistline. Mamma mia! So many options to choose from! Why not try them all?


Perfecto! Coffee roasted to perfection and made with passion. The perfect coffee every time!

What does it take to make a memorable cup of coffee? Café Balthazar has the secret ingredient. Visit our Adelaide Italian Cafe today and taste for yourself.  Freshly ground for each shot Paris Creek local milk (or our non dairy options).  Our dedicated and experienced baristas wont disappoint. 

Another success story from Youssef Karam Enterprises.
Other successes include   Cafe Verdi     |     Boatdeck Cafe      |     Saggio Ristorante